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Turnkey Products

When you are looking to minimize overhead it is a great option to utilize turnkey products. We can design and ship you a fully qualified product. This can be under an exclusive license agreement, or you can lock in preferential pricing by sponsoring a commercial product. Inquiries about our existing products are welcome.

UVC Light Sensing Module, 220-280nm Germicidal Range



“It’s a privilege to have access to insanely powerful tools like this within weeks of wanting them for 30 ish dollars.” – Michael Snater


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Design Service

We specialize in digital and analog circuit design. Our printed circuit boards are designed for mixed signals, impedance matching, time of flight, and ease of manufacturing.

216 Pin Ball Grid Array Fanout on Four Layer PCB

Rapid Prototyping

With rapid prototyping, you can quickly have a working proof of concept to test and demonstrate.

Testing a rapid prototype solution

Product Development

When you need mixed domain or complete product development we draw from a diverse team, including mechanical and software engineers.

Extruded Aluminum Case Design

Design Qualification

When you need to qualify for environmental conditions, emissions, safety, etc., it can be an intimidating task. We support the process with clear guidance and submission preparation.


If you need support for your team we can support you with expert staff.