Our team is here to bring your electronics design needs to reality. We specialize in electronic hardware design, with full support for your software, mechanical, and certification needs. We can also fill in the missing links to round out your development.

Custom designed controller tailored for customer application.
Custom Controller

Our in-house prototyping capabilities allow rapid design and test cycles. This allows you to get to market quickly, without compromising.

Printed circuit boards are re-flow soldered in house, including fine pitch part placement
PCBs, after re-flow soldering

When off the shelf options don’t meet your needs, we can step in with top-tier circuit analysis. With this focus, our customized solution will be tailored to your product and market.

UV sensor provides analog output, the electronics design allows sensitivity only to germicidal wavelengths.
UVC Sensor

We draw on a team of highly specialized engineers, experienced in regulated and commercial markets. Depending on the project, we can design for critical safety, high volume manufacturing, or both. To learn more check out what we offer and our past work.