Past Experience


Millspaw Electronics has developed customer solutions for regulated and commercial applications.

Mixed Signal PCB/PWA

Digital to Analog Converter Prototype

A customer system required a low frequency, high precision digital to analog differential driver. Millspaw Electronics provided circuit design services and built an Arduino shield prototype. The design has high impedance input, configurable gain and filter settings, and a switched output for driving multiple systems.

Precision DAC Differential Driver Prototype

Custom Test Process Controllers

Millspaw Electronics has developed multiple custom controllers. These controllers where custom designed for specific processes in test and/or production lines.

Custom Controller

Battery Powered LTE Data Logger

A customer had stringent requirements for their veterinary MVP prototype. Millspaw Electronics developed the MVP to monitor multiple sensors and provide readings over an onboard LTE cellular connection. The device had a 30 day battery life and fit inside a 5 inch long silicone encapsulation.

Epoxy case forming for harsh environment.
Embedded IoT Data Logger